This is the laboratory of physical and chemical testing center of Tianjin metallurgy group Tiancai science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. to assume the detection, undertaking physical and chemical testing of metallic materials, Tianjin city quality supervision and inspection station fifteenth station.

Tianjin quality supervision and inspection station fifteenth station is in Tianjin city market and quality supervision and Management Committee (Tianjin Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision) product quality supervision and inspection agencies authorized by the authorities of Tianjin and the surrounding areas of metal material testing. For decades, specializing in a variety of metal materials physical and chemical testing, process assessment, material failure analysis. With professional technical personnel and advanced instruments and equipment, with superb technical level and rich experience in inspection and analysis. Scientific and standardized management, and provides a large number of test data is accurate, scientific and impartial and high quality service for the society and enterprises, widely praised by all walks of life, many times by the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision as quality inspection institutions of advanced units. Through accreditation of China National Accreditation Council, CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate has been obtained, and the certificate of measurement issued by Tianjin municipal market and quality supervision and Management Committee has been issued.

Service Items

Service Items

Inspection and analysis of chemical composition, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of 1. stainless steel products

2. the chemical composition, mechanical properties, metallographic structure and N, H, O gas analysis of various ferrous metals, metal products and copper alloy, aluminum alloy and other products

3. material failure analysis, new material analysis, physical and chemical inspection of technical advisory services.

4. can provide the cooperation service for the laboratory requirement unit.

In order to better facilitate the user, the sample can be mailed, the city users, such as a large number of samples can be on-site sampling, if there is a special need to telephone inquiries.

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