Materials company held the spring safety inspection work mobilization meeting

Column:Safety and environmental protection Time:2016-04-24

Materials company held the spring safety inspection work mobilization meeting


To conscientiously implement the company of spring safety inspection work requirements, earnestly mobilization to the grassroots, responsibility to the grassroots, supervision and inspection to the grassroots, recently held a spring day material safety inspection work conference deployment. At the meeting, the inspection leading group was established by the Secretary of the Party branch of the company, the chairman of the board of directors, comrade Wang Xueshu, and the members of the security committee.

Meeting the requirements of various departments and relevant personnel should conscientiously implement the "Office of the City Commission on further deepening the consolidation of notice" safety hazards rectification work at all, combined with the characteristics of safe production in spring, and resolutely implement the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility, and make concerted efforts, dereliction of responsibility "principle, adhere to the safety of production the red line, layers of deployment, gradual mobilization, strictly implement the safety responsibility, do not discount, do not stay dead, do not take the process to do a good job of production safety at present, mainly focus on the configuration and the rules and regulations to implement security personnel safety foundation work, safety risk control, fire alarm and other seriously carry out self-examination.

The meeting stressed that all departments should fully understand one is facing severe and complicated situation of production safety work, continue to strengthen the consciousness of human life, the red line development must not be at the cost of human life ", the establishment of strict strict strict responsibility system. Two is to carry out in-depth production safety hidden trouble big investigation, remediation work, to layer by layer investigation, inspection should be horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end. The three is to do a good job in the construction of safety system, establish a scientific and perfect system, establish and improve the safety assessment system. In particular, to control the new "Regulations", to clean up the existing file, there are conflicts with the new regulations, or in accordance with the new regulations should be strengthened and complementary, to be corrected, especially the safe production responsibility system combined with the actual situation to revise and perfect. Four is to train safety management personnel regular training, improve management level.

Looking forward to all staff, actively participate in, and strive to complete the 2017 production safety objectives, to ensure the safety of the company's production situation continued stability, and constantly promote the in-depth inspection of safety.