【company news】 the company develops quality system internal auditor training

Column:Company news Time:2016-09-30

【company news】 

The company carries out the quality system internal auditor training

On September 6, 2017 to 8 days, company invited Beijing friends of sincere letter quality certification Ltd. expert Zhang Qian teachers, in accordance with the quality standard system of GJB9001B-2017, the company internal auditor for a period of three days of training. The training was attended by Zhang Yongquan, the vice president of the company, and the leaders from various departments of the company and the personnel responsible for the quality system. Zhang Qian teacher certification types and related standards for the development of ISO, the international organization for standardization and certification in China development, enterprises are facing challenges to upgrade the management level, GB/T 19001 - 2016 revision of the standard key target and the main change, GJB 9001C standard revision background, principles and main changes, GJB 9001C standard requirements and internal audit the management review and audit skills and other aspects were explained. Finally, the company's 11 internal auditors received the quality system training certificate.

The training activities not only enable our company employees to obtain the corresponding professional knowledge, but also conducive to the smooth management of the company, and gradually improve the management level and product quality of the company has brought a positive impact.